My walk around the block.

The rain continues to fall as it has all afternoon but I must get out for my daily walk. I put on my coat, hood up to shelter from the elements. I start walking, the cool air fresh on my face and the rain light. My feet form a steady rhythm like a heart beat or metronome that is strangely calming as I continue on my walk. I hear not one voice, just faint noises of cars, my feet and the rain hitting the ground. I focus on long deep breaths in order to quieten the internal chatter of my brains list of random worries that it has prioritised for today. Round the corner I go, but happen to look down and find my leather boots sodden but glistening in the lamp light. My maroon coat keeps me cosy but also starts to change colour as the rain gets heavier. Round another corner and back up the hill on the home straight. The rhythm of my feet forms the main sound of my journey, the internal chatter quiet for a moment. A completely sensory experience. Only 15 minutes have passed but they have been the most present of the day. I reach thr fromt door and step inside, taking off my wet boots and coat. Then shut the door on another walk around the block. Back into the warm cacoon of the house on a rainy day.